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My name is Henry Schaefer.

Six long years ago, I got my first camera.  Six years later, photography is a part of who I am.  While I enjoy playing soccer and listening to music, nothing brings me more joy than taking photos.  Nearly every weekend, I find the time to get outside and to explore a new area of Providence.  With camera in hand and orange backpack at the ready, I wander the city streets late into the night.  This past year, my craft has grown immensely.  With a summer internship at a local video production studio and continued practice, I have learned to tell honest stories and to reveal fresh perspectives.  My work seeks to inspire people, motivating them to get out of the house and explore.  By capturing intimate moments with friends and stimulating city landscapes, I show people what I love in life.  My camera will be with me forever, creating new experiences and sharing my joy with the world.   


Hank Schaefer


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If you need a photographer or just want to chat, you can contact me using the information down below or send a quick message on the right.       


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Instagram                                                    @hankschaefer